Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Oldie But Goodie To Share With You

If you are as old as I am, you heard Stonewall Jackson singing this song on the radio when you were a kid.

What brought that to mind is a real oddity.  I know a guy who had a little Gospel singing group back in the 1980's, up until recently.  He is getting close to 80 years old now, and it looks like he hung up his microphone. He started out using a Chevy van to travel and perform, but he soon outgrew that and needed something larger.  What he found was Stonewall Jackson's old tour bus. My friend was a real good mechanic and he made everything ship shape on the old bus, and I would see it on the road occasionally.

I saw the old boat today at a scrapper's premises on the outskirts of Bluford, Illinois, so I guess it's touring days are finally over. A 60 year career is a pretty good run, and I bet if some collector wants to sink some money in it, it would run for another 60 years. You must be good at working on Detroit Diesels and positive ground systems. That is IL Hwy 15 in front of the bus, so look up Bluford on the map and get going!

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