Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sheba, June 14, 2017

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Sheba has died as a result of a twisted gut (torsion). She got real sick early Wednesday morning, and we were rolling at 5A to take her to the emergency clinic at Glen Carbon. We got there before 7, and her heart attack began during the initial exam. She passed at 7:25.

Sheba began showing symptoms of GI distress a year ago, and she has been to Glen Carbon (diagnosis, pancreatitis), and to our regular vet (diagnoses, ear infection, anal gland infection). Little dogs don't get torsions, and every vet knows that. Sometimes you have to get past your education. Of course, no vet is going to take a dog in for surgery after the symptoms ease up, so Sheba had to wait for the big one, and then she couldn't be saved.  She has been my close buddy for almost two years, and a constant companion since I retired.


Merle Morrison said...

Sorry to hear that. Those sudden attacks are hard to deal with.


Joel T. said...

Sorry to hear, David. A good companion is hard to let go.

Joel T. said...

Sorry to hear such a good companion is gone.

Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry for your loss.. I know I would b so lost without my baby boy Appollo.. He's my everything.. I wish I could remove your pain.. I would b willing to help u in anyway u need.. Just let me know what u need.. I just lost my mom and our fur babies r just like our family.. Sheba is a beautiful little girl.. I know u will always love her and she will always love u2!! I wish u much happiness and I hope when u remember her u smile and laugh about the times u shared with her.. I never knew her but she seems like she touched everyone's heart and she put a smile on their face because she did me.. Rest in peace Sheba u will b never forgotten and forever loved by everyone!! (HUGS) Lots of love from me and Appollo!!

gsc1039 said...

Sorry to read this, David. The darned critters get to the point where they can read you better than just about any human, and you get to the point where you can tell what they're thinking at any given moment. They're a challenge at times but, once you've really related to a dog, it's difficult to imagine life without one by your side. My condolences on yet another loss for you, but I suspect that there are more quadrupeds of the canine persuasion in your future, and they will be lucky indeed.