Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The War Abroad

There is a video made in Afghanistan for recruiting volunteers for ISIS. Here is the LINK. It is on YouTube, and it concentrates much of the horror you would see if you have kept up with the murders of people that devout Muslims have been committing over the last many years. This is what is coming to our shores if the barbarians have their way. The infiltrators and infrastructure are already here. I don't usually do "Trigger Warnings," but there are beheadings, shootings, blood, and more. You don't have to watch, but at least be aware of what is coming, help spread the word, and fight the ignorance and lies about the evil they call Islam.

Update: YouTube pulled the video, and there is not a replacement on the new site where I saw it.If you had looked, you would have witnessed children shooting prisoners in the backs of their heads, Heads being cut off with knives, and prisoners being shot in the backs of their heads with rifles. More gruesomeness than anyone should witness, from religious zealots.

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