Monday, June 26, 2017

Tuesday Torque: Stubborn Fairbanks 118 At Evansville

I sure do hope this fellow has put a few drops of oil in his crank handle by now. That squeaking really bothers me!

Well, this little oilfield engine didn't want to go. I've watched pumpers start these and other Fairbanks engines; they usually primed them up with gasoline or drip fuel, then adjusted the natural gas or LP to keep it running. A pumper down in Southern Illinois found some boys drinking beer at one of the wells he took care of, and the boys had shut the engine down so they didn't have to listen to it while they enjoyed their brews. The pumper blocked them in and made them try to start the engine up again. They didn't enjoy their party so much then. He fired it right back up after they gave out.

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