Thursday, June 1, 2017

How's Your Ramadan Going?

Six days in and we are rolling right along with 345 kills already. Ramadan 2016 set records and included the Pulse Nightclub masacre where faithful Muslims killed 49. If they keep up the pace they should make better than 1700 heinous murders this year. Maybe they are going for 2000.  The warmup was overacheiving, and the kidnap and masacre in the Phillipines continues, even though the news hacks can't seem to say Muslim, or Islamic Terrorists. Go To Religion Of Peace every day for your Ramadan update and to read the latest news from around the world so you will know what's coming to your neighborhood. If you see Ramadan carolers coming to your door, go out the back and run!

Many Thanks to Glen R at Religion Of Peace for permission to post his graphic.

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