Friday, April 9, 2021

Weekend Steam: Doughty Valley Steam Show, Charm, Ohio, 2010

Featuring a 110 Case on the sawmill.  Many Thanks, Merle!



John in Philly said...

I see that all three engines visible in the wide shot are using the twisted flat belt technique.
I asked about that a lot of years ago while at Rough and Tumble and the gent told me that the belt will self center using that technique.
It looks like the fresh cut planks are being planed in the operations next to the sawmill, but I couldn't quite be sure.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

John, The engine club at Boonville, Indiana runs their mill with the belt uncrossed, and I never have understood why they do that. The belt dances back and forth across the wheels, and it appears dangerous to my eyes. Put a twist in it and it runs steady; that is how most engine guys run it.