Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping Karma...

...Susan has it! All she had to do was look at the string trimmer in this video and she was offered a deep discount. I should have stayed in the car and had her check out the blower, too.


strandediniowa said...

Hey David,
I got one of those trimmers last year and it works great on smooth terrain. I use it on the dam and around some of the trees. I get too close to the wire cages and that tends to chew up string.

Only thing wrong with mine was that the handle mounts are bolted to the frame. I had two of the bolts stripped by the shop where I bought it and lost one of them somewhere. New bolts and problem solved.

It's a great tool

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Susan can start it by herself, and that is a big plus. Our Red Max hand held weed whacker takes more muscle to crank than she has, so this machine is a relief.