Tuesday, September 17, 2013

From Farm Fresh...

 Allis WD

 Farmall F-20

 John Deere R

...to Paint Booth Pretty.                                    

You never know what you will see at an engine show.  Fifty years ago, everyone wanted the factory fresh look, and you still see that today.  This McCormick Deering was just restored by the grandson of the man who farmed with it, and he was rightly proud of the way it looks and runs.  I don't think they ever looked this good from the factory.  The straight-from-the-field look, with rust, dents, and sixty years of patina has really caught on in recent years, and it makes the old machines more approachable.  Fresh, shiny paint means Hands-Off, but rust means you might get a tractor driving lesson.  Cleanup after the show is a lot easier, too.

Climb up, sit down, and hang on!

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