Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dateline: Reno!

The fun has begun! The first arrivals hit the Reno Cabela's store today and everyone scored a box of CCI Mini-Mags. After lunch they headed to Fernley for some Cowboy Action Shooting.
Bigbore rifle shooting! This cowboy is lining up on the 400 yard target!
Friday is the NRA Breakfast, rifle and pistol shooting out to 900 yards, Show and Tell, and dinner sponsored by and Brian Ciyou. After dinner, Brian, and other industry people will be visiting with the bloggers, and then there will be an indoor shooting match with an OCAT System. The Optical Computer Aided Training Simulator from Outwest systems, uses real guns shooting lasers instead of bullets. An OCAT System will be awarded to one of the competitors by random drawing! (Text stolen from Gunbloggers dot blogspot dot com.)

Photo Credit: Zeke, of Engineering Johnson; Thanks, Zeke!

Brat was on the Brunswick tonight, but I didn't have time.  We will do a record Friday.

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