Monday, September 23, 2013

So, This Doctor Gets A Call From The Local Barbecue Artist...

...who would like to have the wood from the dead tree behind the Doctor's house. !?!?!?  The Doctor hadn't noticed the dead tree!  It's a picture from life's other side, I guess.  Surgeons get up early for work; after the scheduled surgeries, there are office hours with interruptions from the ER; then there are evening hours following up on surgery patients.  The Dr. may go for weeks and not see his home in the daylight.  It's a dead white oak; a BIG dead white oak.  Very heavy toward his garage.  The good news is that it is heavy in two directions, both away from his house. This top photo shows how the crown extends over the garage just east of the tree.

The tree is also heavy to the north, where it would take out a fence, and maybe the neighbor's donkey.  It's a tall tree, but it can be reached by a bucket truck while the ground is dry.  The Doctor is going to have his tree removal guy get on it right away.

It's big, it's solid, and it will cook a lot of pork chops and ribs.

The extremely unbalanced crown makes removal urgent.  Once the roots are dead, they start losing their grip on the soil, and gravity will win sooner than later. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just got a bitter lesson about pine trees rotting on the inside where it can't be seen. Took out my front porch & a picture window.