Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Up And Down For Miles And Miles

This old pulling unit is sitting near the old office for Texaco's Sims, Illinois oil field.  Most of the wells in this field run about 3000 feet deep, and this old truck has probably been rigged up on all of the locations that Texaco had around Sims.  The winch has to be run in and out for each rod or joint of tubing, so when pulling a 3000 foot well the winch line runs back and forth 6000'.  You do that two or three times a day, for five or six days a week, and the winch line gets a few miles on it.  The operator has to use the clutch a couple times per rod or joint, so his left leg had plenty of exercise.  The fellows wrenching rods are on the run all day long, either spinning the rod wrenches or tailing the rods out on the rack.  The guys who do this work are tough as nails.

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