Thursday, September 12, 2013

September e-Postal Reminder: Go Ahead, Embarrass Me!!!!

Hoo-Boy!  I thought this would be an easy target, and I can't seem to shoot it.  Shoot each can twice; one point for the lower portion, and two points for the dark end.  The best I have done is 9 points out of a possible 12  24, and I should be able to make all the points.   You have three more weekends in September to make me look bad, so print out your targets, go to the range with family and friends, and give it your best shot.  CLICK HERE to read the rules and print your targets.


danno said...

The SandCastle Son and I shot a bunch of targets a couple weeks ago. Need to sort through them and find the best.

Heck we shot Carteach0's match and never got around to sending in targets as well. Sorry Carteach... My bad.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Danno: Send your scans for August to me; Carteach is going to forward all that he has received to me, and then we will be posting the results. David