Monday, September 2, 2013

We All Need A Fortress Of Solitude...

...and the Stranded In Iowa family has theirs! I made a trip to up north to see Mom, and we met up with the Stranded clan for a tour of their little getaway. Our visit was brief, but it was great to see Stranded again, and to meet his lovely wife and Number One Son.

The drought last year was brutal and killed many of his newly planted trees, but some of the tender little Kentucky Coffeetrees survived.
There is some dramatic relief (At least it was dramatic to someone who lives on the edge of a glacial lakebed.), lovely hay-ground, a young forest, and a deep pond.  It is a bit of heaven.  Many thanks to the Stranded Family for meeting up, and for supper!

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strandediniowa said...

Words can't express the gratitude I have for your and your mother's visit this past weekend. It was too short and it refreshed my spirit 10 fold.

That "tender little Kentucky Coffeetree" is 5+ times larger than the others that made it through from last year and I have no explanation why. I'm waiting for cooler days to plant the trees you shared with us. Thank you again for those.

That picture is now my new profile.

With your helpful advice and encouragement that you've given us, I'm hoping you will see more improvements on your next visit.

Thanks again for your visit.