Friday, May 20, 2016

He Brought It On Himself

Our little nightmare faced the judge and made a good deal for himself yesterday (CLICK).  Susan, Pat, and I are all glad that we will not have to sit in the courtroom and testify.  I look at this as a golden opportunity for Eric Hall to read tons of book, take a multitude of classes, and to come out of Menard a changed man.  Had he stood trial and been found guilty he would have faced up to thirty years for the Home Invasion charge, so he is getting one heck of a discount.

Take your home and self defense seriously!  Criminals go everywhere, especially good neighborhoods; that's where the goods are!  Take a class, read books by Massad Ayoob, read the gun blogs, buy and practice with guns for home and personal defense.  Keep those guns in a safe when you are not using them.  Keep your phone on your body, and plan for defending your home with your family.

Again, Many Thanks to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, Illinois State Police, and the McLeansboro Police Department for rushing into the fray.

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Merle Morrison said...

After my burglary I had to sit in the court room and testify. Can't say I enjoyed it much, but seeing the sentence handed down made it worthwhile.

Glad you are done with that.