Monday, May 23, 2016

Professional Grade Poop Scooper!

Policing the dog yard is a daily activity, and we have been looking for better tools for this necessary task.  One scooper we bought used tines for scooping, but it is flimsy and dropped a couple of poorly welded tines in the first couple weeks.  While preparing to repair the scoop my eyes fell on a trusty old fire rake, and EUREKA! It could function as a poop scooper, and it was sturdy enough for fire fighting.

You can spend $85 bucks for a new one that is built for a century of use, or you can buy a knockoff (with plastic hardware) that I think would be stout enough for the dog yard. Here is one I found on Amazon that should do the trick.  If you need to do industrial grade poop scooping, here is a good looking one.

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