Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Are You Prepared?

The boss sent out an e-mail to the field people today because a desperado is loose in Southern Illinois.  This guy is a genuine bad man and he is evidently in deep Southern Illinois now.  He has been wounded, so he is probably as desperate as a desperado can be.  Click Here or on the wanted poster to see the news report about him.

Our boss sent us information about the man, and cautioned us to be careful in the field.  I wrote a response and replied to All.  Then I realized it was a pretty good post, so here it is.

"There are precautions that many of us neglect.  We spend most of our time at home, so our homes should be secured as well as possible.  When you come home from work assess your house to make sure it has not been invaded while you were gone.  If you have been broken into, don’t clear the house yourself.  Call 911 and have police clear your house.  Avoid confronting burglars if at all possible.  Use deadbolts on all entry doors.  Close your garage if you are not working there.  Lock the man-door between the garage and house if they are attached.  Have a visible 911 address sign at your driveway for emergency responders to see.  Keep your guns locked in a safe when you are not using or carrying them.  There was a recent burglary in Franklin County (Illinois) where the burglar stole a firearm and had a rolling shootout with police.  He was shot and killed by police, but that shootout would not have happened if firearms had been secured.  Get firearms/concealed carry training if you have not already done so.  You must stay within the law in your own home if you use deadly force to protect yourself and your family.  Know how quickly you can reach weapons from anywhere in your home. Discuss these things with your family in advance and know what everyone should do during a home invasion. 

Lock your work truck when you are away from it.  Be alert when you return to it.  Do not get in the truck with a carjacker.  You might survive if you resist/run/fight.  You will be killed if you go with a carjacker/kidnapper.  That’s what they do.  Always carry a walking stick or substantial Biltmore stick when you are away from your truck.  Don’t let an attacker get his hands on you unless you want to do hand-to-hand combat to save your own life.  Alertness is a huge advantage. Escaping/deflecting/avoiding an attacker is preferable to fighting for your life.  Your responsibility for your family changes the dynamics of an attack, so do your research, training, and preparation for those possibilities."

We are having big, bad T-storms tonight, so maybe this guy will feel like surrendering tomorrow.

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Merle Morrison said...

Sage words. Hope that guy gets caught before anyone else gets hurt.