Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekend Steam: More Steam Powered Machine Shop


Merle Morrison said...

I see in # 6 he had some "fire starter" in the box. Saves a lot of time fiddling with kindling, but my Scout Master didn't approve. :)


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I don't mind cheating when I want a fire. You do have to know how not to cheat, so you don't burn down the house! I used to hear of people putting kerosene into a hot stove to restart the fire; I've never done that. I watched a blacksmith heat a tire for a wagon wheel one time, and that was educational. He made a ring of evenly split kindling wood, put the tire on those, and stacked more on top. He then applied kerosene evenly all the way around and let it soak in a good five minutes. It made a good fire right away, and in a few short minutes his tire was ready to go on the wheel. My parents used to put corncobs in a coffee can and add some kerosene to soak up into the cobs. Their fires always took right off.