Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Soft Maples, 100 Feet

This is a normal call after storms.  A lady called and asked me if she should have her maple tree trimmed.  This silver maple has been topped twice in the past.  One of the multiple tops snapped off and speared the roof of her bedroom.

Looking over the mobile home at the tree you can see a bit of the blue tarp that is keeping the weather out until repairs are made.

It has multiple stems starting at about 8 feet, and then more multiples at about 15 feet, making for a heavy top on a stem that probably has rot in the center.  Silver maples are time bombs.  You know what I told her.

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Lauren V said...

As beautiful as those trees can be, they can also be so lethal during storms. Luckily all of our trees are far enough from the house to not do any damage. It's amazing what one storm can do. I'm glad that lady was safe when the tree speared her bedroom!