Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's OK To Look, Isn't It?

We pass this little Studebaker Lark 2 door regularly and I always give it a look.  The six cylinder version would get 20 mpg around town.  It's pre-seatbelt, and if it smells salt on the road the front fenders rot out at an early age.  The AM radio plays songs like Mrs. Robinson and Both Sides Now, if I remember correctly.


Merle Morrison said...

Yep, but a 289 & four barrel changes its mood considerably! :)


Jay Ater said...

That would be an awesome summer driver for you and the Missus.

To add to the previous comment, my 63 Lark with 289, 4 barrel and 3 spd/od would get 24 mpg most of the time. My other Lark with 6 cyl/auto gets the same.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The 289 Studebaker-Packard engine with a four barrel carb was too much engine for the Lark, but it would be a hoot to drive, and surprise unsuspecting motorists when you passed them. You should wear a little-old-bluehaired lady costume for that. I had a 58 Hawk for a while, and it had that engine with a 3 speed and OD. It would get up above 100 easily, but I never tried to find the top end. The heater system sucked, because the vent doors were rotted out, and there was no way to bring fresh air into the cab. Studebakers did not get along with salt.