Monday, May 2, 2016

Tuesday Torque

Turbo Is Good!  The old Pratt and Whitneys are great to hear, but the turbo prop rigs are faster, they climb better, they turn tighter, and they are safer.  There is lots of torque and a snappy response.


Merle Morrison said...

Yep, but for me nothing beets the sound of a big radial idling.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I miss that, too. They take off across the road from my office, and I don't get up to watch the turbos take off like it did for the P & Ws.

skybill said...

'Back in the summer of '65 I was working on a "Doodle Buggin'" crew on the intracoastal canal down east of Lafayette, La. Usedta' see the Stearman Dusters work out on the rice fields!!! Instead of the stock 250 hp. Pratt some had the 450's and I'm sure a few had "650's!!!" That Sound as those props slapped the air was Music to me!!
Fly while you still have your wings!!!