Thursday, March 10, 2016


I just checked YouTube and my account passed Four Million Views today!  I have a small channel in the YouTube scheme of things, but I have more than 600 videos, and more than 1200 subscribers.  I get around 2000 views per day over there.  This blog just passed 500,000 views since we started it in the Fall of '07, and it varies from 60 to 300 views per day according to Blogger's count.  Statcounter shows lower than that, but I figure Google knows how many clicks their sites get every day, so I go with their numbers.  We keep the blog going because we enjoy our own product.  We like doing chainsaw and shooting videos, and we still have a big stack of old 78's to share with our visitors.  We keep this blog safe for families to view, and you can look at it from government offices without raising an eyebrow among the supervisors. We started another little blog last year, and if you look down the blog list you will see it listed.  It is mostly music from various YouTube channels, and if you find a song that makes you happy, it wasn't meant to do that!  The name comes from one of my all-time favorite punchlines from a dark joke.  When you feel like having dark thoughts it is a good place to go.  Comments are not enabled over there.


Merle Morrison said...

Don't have to be big to be quality!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Our Internet friends have made blogging a Joy!