Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pruning Begins At The Top

Folks are getting out and doing yard work again, so a little pruning advice is always good.  You need to evaluate your young trees from the top down.  A tree with a mis-shapen top is never going to be a good one and pruning side branches won't correct it. Go to the top and select one fork to be the leader.

Use duct tape to bring it upright and clip the tops off the other leaders you have taped it to.  That will destroy their dominance.

Other forks that are not taped up can be cut off at their bases

Now you have a good tree.  Clip the long stubs off in a year or two after the straightened fork decides to stay in position.  Don't do any additional pruning at this time, because you have shocked the tree enough for one growing season.


Joel T. said...

This has been good advice that you gave us on your last visit. I've been working on the +/- 250 walnuts that need this work and I've only made a dent. Buy some stock in duct tape and you'll make money.

I passed this method on to others, thanks.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Form improves with competiton. Some use white pine, which walnut will eventually kill. Some sow maple seeds around their walnuts. I know one fellow who likes Osage orange. The thorns keep deer away from his walnuts. Any of them will save you from excess pruning time.