Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekend Steam: 5550

The T1 Trust is going to recreate the most modern steam locomotive ever made.  The Pennsy Railroad scrapped the fleet of them in 1956.  Here is the casting of the first driver being poured.

The T1 Trust needs engineers, and donations. Building this loco will cost about $10 Million, and the projected completion date is 2030.

Photo from promotional e-mail by T1 Trust.  Make a donation, get a blueprint!  I wonder how much you have to chip in to ring the bell...

Video posted by T1 Trust:


Merle Morrison said...

Now that is an ambitious project! I presume none of the original parts can be found & salvaged?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

There is one locomotive (not a T1) with valve gear they wish to copy. Otherwise it is just drawings.


Look at the update from 12/23/14: