Thursday, March 31, 2016

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

You might remember that last year I showed this tree mishap where a man was crushed in his bed when the limb came down.  This pin oak had been topped many years ago, either by man or storm, and rot is present in the limbs coming out from the old damaged area.   The failure to recognize the threat resulted in a needless death.

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I recently drove by this spot again and was surprised to see the mobile home had been patched up, the tree had been cleaned up just a little bit, and the new wound had been painted!  Someone thought that made it all better, I guess. I can count six more limbs that are likely to come down, plus the top, which is also attached to rotting heartwood.  When I looked at the photo I was a bit surprised to read the sign on the back glass of the pickup truck.  I wonder if the landlord told his new renter the history behind the patches on this domicile.  Does the tree trimmer living here recognize the problem?  Does he sleep in this end of the mobile home?   I found out a long time ago that it's better not to insert yourself into these situations unless you have been invited, but this does make me cringe.

PS: Today I did tell someone who asked for advice to YES, Definitely take down a tree before it killed someone!...and they are having it taken down tomorrow!

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Merle Morrison said...

When I lived in VA there was a similar situation. The tree guy wanted $500 to take down the tree - the homeowner thought that was too much so decided to do it himself. Short version, the tree came down the wrong way & took out part of the roof. Also knocked down the power lines, cable TV an phone lines. Just to add insult to injury, the power lines caught fire, and burned for several blocks, also popping some transformers.

The final insult: just after the police & fire department left & the street was opened the tree guy came by, stopped & said "how does $500 look right now?"