Monday, May 21, 2012

The Carmi Rifle Club Does It Again!

Women On Target 2012 by TrueBlueSam

The Carmi Rifle Club sponsors events for shooters throughout the year, and this month they hosted the NRA's Women On Target Program again.  Mrs. True Blue Sam and I headed to Carmi early on a Saturday morning to shoot some photos and video. The primary instructors were Mike and Valinda Rowe, who have been leading the struggle in Illinois for concealed carry.

Some of the video was shot next to a lady who landed on a Colt 1911-22, and it was a joy showing her how it operates, and then watching her shoot it.  I wouldn't be surprised if she looks for one of these fine running pistols, because she liked it as much as my Mom likes her 1911. 

There were lots of smiles, and most of the attendees tried two or more pistols to find out what worked for them. Look up one of these events in your neighborhood if you want to try you hand at shooting.

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