Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shooting With Mom

Mom and I were busy fixing little things around her home and yard over the weekend, but we also found time to do some gun looking/shopping, and a couple trips to the Clemons Creek Shooting Range.  The big news out there is the new pit toilet!  Wow!  A real necessary room, so folks don't have to run to the woods for emergencies.

This was Mom's first time shooting since her last surgery, and we took several guns on Sunday.  My suspicions were confirmed that her 1911-22 needs to be lubed after sitting on the shelf for extended periods.  A little fresh oil on the slides had it functioning well, and we ran over 100 through it to break it in a bit more.  The bad news is that Mom has lost a great deal of strength with her illnesses, and she is good for only one double-action-trigger pull on her LCP.  The good news is that the Walther PK380 functioned perfectly after nearly a year of rest, and Mom can really hit with it.  She ran 50 through it without a hitch.

We took her Mk III Hunter out on Memorial Day, and ran 200 rounds through it.  We used CCI Mini Mags rather than bulk pack ammo, because she didn't want to spend her time doing malf drills.  She shot up one of the targets that she brought home from the Washoe Shooting Range, and made every magazine a drill, shifting to a different bullseye for every shot.  She came home energized by the experience of shooting again.

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