Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not An Emerald Ash Borer

I make lots of calls for sick ash trees, and many of those are for folks who claim to have found an emerald ash borer.  This buprestid beetle is twice the size of emerald ash borers, and the yellow markings are not on the smaller pest.  Tiger beetles are also a shiny green, and cause people to get excited.  The emerald ash borer will eventually be all over the Midwest, but with ash yellow disease being rampant, ash is already a poor choice for shade or timber plantings.


Tree Removal Bronx said...

Good that your educating any newbies on the infections going around right now! No one should be excited to see any of these pesty little buggers.

-Oscar Valencia

TrueBlueSam said...

Oscar: I stopped recommending ash in planting projects as soon as I heard about the emerald ash borer. Ash is easy to plant, survives well, and produces great wood for heat or lumber, but it is difficult to grow ash to sawlog size in Illinois because of Ash Yellow disease. The emerald ash borer is just one pest too many to deal with.