Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Struck By Lightning!

People actually call me to find out what they should do with trees like this ash, which has been almost totally girdled by a lightning strike.  The funny thing about this specimen is that the leaves are still looking fine.  The inner bark is gone, but the sapwood is still functioning, so the tree is able to provide shade yet this summer.  With the cambium and inner bark gone, the roots will starve out soon, and I doubt if it leafs out next spring.

Good luck for the homeowner is the city transmission line about fifty feet away from this tree.  The city will take this ash down to prevent anyone being electrocuted.  Keep that in mind if you have a tree that needs to be cut within striking distance of a powerline.  Utility companies do not want you to be injured, or for you to cause a power outage.


Charlotte Tree Removal said...

Wow that tree really took it like a man, still standing tall and proud after a lightning bolt to the chest. A mighty tree! How long will it survive though?

-Tony Salmeron

TrueBlueSam said...

It has one narrow strip of live bark on the back-side, and I don't think it can leaf out again next spring. The homeowner will have it taken down in the fall.