Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Steam

Basset669 shares a look at a beautiful Stuart 5A steam engine setup.  This engine is available as a rough casting kit, so you need some machine shop equipment to build one of these.  This specimen has both a displacement lubricator and a mechanical lubricator.  The mechanical lubricator is the little square box on the left side of the engine base.  There is also an eccentric driven feedwater pump, and Stephenson reverse gear.

The little engine sitting beside the big one is a Stuart 10V engine.  The Stuart 10 series is a good entry level steam engine for folks who want to try their hand at engine building.  The bore and stroke of the 10's is just 3/4", and the flywheel is 3" diameter.  Click Here to watch a 10H with transparent valve cover, courtesy of geoff5269.

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