Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr. Completely's May e-Postal Contest Is Up!

Danno, over at Sand Castle Scrolls is the May host for Mr. C's monthly contest.  This target requires some thoughtful tactics applied to your shooting skill in order to maximize your score.

 Mr. Completely's notes on the May match:  "I particularly like the combination of  high risk and high value vs low risk and low value spots on the target. Do you go for the big score and risk getting zero for the shot, or should you go for a bigger target you can easily hit but only get a small number of points? There's classes for just about anything you might have to shoot, so head on over to Sand Castle Scrolls, download the target, check out the rules, and head out to the range!"


Billll said...

I'm planning to try this with my Hi-Point. Technically it's a scoped center-fire rifle. In reality it's something less than that. Given the "benching" rule, which I think is fine, I'm thinking I could eke out something reasonable in the 30-50 yard range. What say you?

TrueBlueSam said...

Great Idea! I will try it at 30 and see how I do. The Mrs. tried this target with the Single-Six, and she is going to have to go to something with a scope.