Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crankin' It Up, Better Late Than Never

Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers recorded Please Don't Turn Me Down on November 17,1926. Played on the old Brunswick, as usual. The spring was making noise when I ran this record, so you may hear me cranking the motor a bit to keep it quiet. My cat Brat was quiet, though. He usually chimes in, and you can hear him on some of the other records.

I knew this was coming. YouTube hit me with a message as soon as this record uploaded: "Your video "Please Don't Turn Me Down", may have content that is owned or licensed by The Orchard Music, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, ads may appear next to it."

This is pretty common, even on records 100 years old. YouTube usually lets them play, because they sell ads to the folks with a claim. You can click the ads to buy mp3's or CD's with many of these old songs. The BIG exception is Al Jolson. I don't even bother trying to post one of his. YouTube blocks uploads of his old records in most countries. I keep an account with DailyMotion just in case YouTube cuts me off because of a copyright complaint.

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