Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pack Your Range Bag!

We are coming up on the last weekend of the month, so if you haven't already shot Mr. Completely's May contest go HERE to download the target and read the rules.  There are several classes, but if you have a gun that doesn't fit, shoot it anyway, and Danno will make another category just for you.  The e-Postal hosts are so glad for every entry that you can shoot just about anything.

Mr. Completely just won the Gold Medal for Senior (50 and older) Rimfire at the European Steel Challenge, so if you can beat get close to his score you will have real bragging rights.  He always shoots in the Rimfire With Optics class.   Scores from the April contest are HERE.

Join in the fun; we all need the practice.


danno said...


If you have a bad boy as pictured here, I will add a "crew served class". Enlarge the target as needed and set at any distance you deem appropriate. Include target distance and the size of the 25 mile target to be published in the results.

Also please provide as much historical info on the weapon and/or crew. Heck if I came across an entry for a CANNON you can bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna follow the link.

Billll said...

Wow! You mean I could have entered one of my cannons?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I wonder if Danno would allow a load of "Double Cannister"?

Billll said...

The limit is 10 holes per piece of paper. Make them big ones.