Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mr. Completely e-Postal Reminder

 Danno has a reminder up on Sand Castle Scrolls, and he will accept entries for May (Click) through the first weekend of June.  Bonus time is good!  If the June contest is posted in time, you can shoot both months' contests in one range trip. 

Danno specified 50 yards for centerfire rifles, but I can't see the small spots at that range, so I shot this target with the .45 ACP Hi-Point at 25 yards.  I pulled off a couple shots, but that little rifle can sure shoot.  It has a Tru-Glo red dot sight on top of it now, and with its low mount, I can also use the iron sights while looking through it.  Varmints had better stay out of our yard!

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